1957 Honda Benly JC57

Three year restoration finished June 2005. 125 cc OHV engine, 3 speed transmission, leading link front suspension, enclosed chain case
Show results:

AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Mid Ohio 2005.
1st place in class
Best in show
Grand Marshalls (Paul Smart) award


AMA Hall of Fame Museum invitational Concours D' Elegance October 2005.
Best In Show


Legends of the Motorcycle Concours D'elegance 2006 Half Moon Bay, CA.

First place Asian/Pacific


Cover story Vintage Japanese Motorycle Club (October 2005 issue).


1958 Honda Benly JC58
This Benly is Sold

This Benly's frame number is JC58-812876 the engine number is 4J-812657. It is an unrestored original in very good condition. Essentially the same as the 1957. Note the addition of turn indicators for 1958. This is the final year of production for the Benly J-JC line. The next year, 1959 the USA would get it's first Honda dealership, located in Los Angeles. The original Benly J line would by then be replaced with more modern machines.



1957 Honda Benly JC57
This Benly is sold

This Benly's frame number is JC57-718148 engine number 4J-718442. Unrestored original in good condition. The difference between this 1957 and the 1958 is , among other minor details, the 1957 has no turn indicators and the 1958 does.



1953 Honda Benly J

Engineering Details:
90cc OHV engine, 3.8 horsepower,  3 speed transmission, inverted telescopic front suspension, swing arm pivot in unison with the engine. Reverse pivot brake and clutch levers characterize the original attention to design detail as do the highly sculpted swingarm. Designed personally by Mr. Honda in 1952 with no CAD programs, no college educated team of engineers. Mostly pencil, paper, imagination and lot of trial and error. Soichiro is sometimes quoted as saying "success is just what is left over after much failure." The Benly J was the first motorcycle Honda ever attempted to race. It had its limitations and while it was not fast, it was succesful. The Honda factory still had very limited resources when the Benly J was first released in November of 1953 so production numbers were small.  


1956 Honda Benly JC56

Still using the original reverse pivot levers. The 125 cc engine was unchanged, but the earles type front suspension was new and unique to this year.



1967 Honda CB160 Vintage Racer

One of Honda's real jewels of the 60s. Honda factory CYB racing seat, rear sets, bars.



1970 Honda CB350 K2

Honda produced nearly half a million units. Restored in 2002

Show Results:
2002 1st place Cycle World Rolling Concourse Sonoma, CA



1976 Honda CB400F Super Sport

An award winning unrestored original 1976 Honda CB400F supersport with only 2600 miles. Today a favorite in Japan as well as here in the USA

Show Results:
2001 1st place Cycle World Rolling Concourse Sonoma, CA.
2001 1st place Del Mar Concourse D'Elegance
2002 1st place Del Mar Concourse D'Elegance