The process of restoring an early Honda Benly is, in part, an exploration into an earlier order. It is an ephemeral return to a time when the forces that shaped the hopes, aspirations and challenges of Mr. Soichiro Honda were different than those that exist in todays world. The Honda Benly of 1953 through 1958 demonstrate the challenges Mr. Honda faced in the very early years of Honda. You will see, in these rare machines, Mr. Honda's creative and ingenious solutions to these challenges.

Restoration of an early Honda Benly invariably becomes a collaborative effort. In the case of every Honda Benly that has been restored, or is currently being restored at the Benly shop a great deal of thanks is owed to several people in Japan and here in the USA. Most notably, my personal friend Michael Shapiro, an extrodinarily talented and dedicated craftsman. Without Michael's help the restorations pictured on this site would not have been possible.

Many thanks also go to my friend Masahiro in Japan who consistently helps me locate bikes and rare parts that do not exist here in the USA.

The Benly shop locates and restores vintage Honda motorcycles that best represent the earliest hopes and challenges of their creator, Mr. Soichiro Honda.

If you are interested in an early Honda Benly you may contact the Benly shop by emailing us at


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